Saturday, January 21, 2012

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

This was an actual email from THE Tooth Fairy (nudge nudge wink wink) to my Nephew Oliver in early Nov 2011...

Dear Oliver,

I meant to leave you a note last night under the pillow but it was dark and I couldn't find anything to write with or on, without waking up your family.

So I found your mother & father's email addresses on the internet and decided to send you a quick note today instead because I have so many stops tonight for children who lost teeth today, that I wasn't sure I would be able to make it back by your bed tonight to leave you a proper letter.

I wanted to let you know that I couldn't find your tooth last night but left you a little money anyways because I know how careful you are with your teeth and what good care you take of them brushing every night.
(although I know that you sometimes cheat a little when you don't brush long enough) 

I also know that your mother usually leaves me a nice little note asking if I could let her keep your baby teeth because she loves you and all your little parts so much.
And because you are such a good boy and your mom is so nice, I make an exception for you all the time.

But since this time I didn't find the tooth I thought maybe you forgot or maybe you just didn't believe in me anymore.

Things have changed a lot since your mother and father were children so I thought I would also let you know how we do things at the tooth factory these days.

We now have a REALLY cool automated electronic warning system to let us know when someone is close to losing a tooth.

This way we know we are going to have to schedule a visit soon.
Then another alarm goes off when the child actually loses the tooth so that we know that it is time to make a stop by their house and take a look under the pillow.

I was very pleased when I heard you had lost another wonderful white baby tooth. You are growing up just so quickly!

But there is a problem with our machine because it doesn't always tell us HOW the tooth is lost. So when we don't see the tooth under the pillow, we usually find out only a few days later that the tooth was lost because of an accident and it got lost in the dirt, or even swallowed by the child. 

Sometimes the tooth gets taken out by the dentist and we don't actually get it until much later and then we have to fill out all this paper work.

And when that happens, we usually have to wait to be sure before we leave money under the pillow. BUT since I have been coming to collect YOUR beautiful little white teeth since you were just a little boy, when I didn't see the tooth under the pillow, I knew that there had to be a really good reason.

So I decided to leave money for you anyways because you have always been so good with your teeth. But you'll need to do me a little favor. Can you either take a photo of your tooth and send it to me at this email address OR put it under your pillow for the next few nights so that I can verify it. 

My schedule is SO full since kids are losing teeth on Halloween candy this week, I might not get to your house to see the tooth until the weekend.
We need to be careful with our accounting these days and make sure we are not paying too much for bad teeth. You wouldn't believe how many rotten teeth we get these days.

So if you could do that for me that would be great.

Also, if you can do me another little favor... Can you help Maya brush her teeth too every night?

You've done such a good job with yours and when you don't have any more baby teeth to give me, I'd still like to come and keep collecting Maya's baby teeth too.

But if she doesn't brush as often and as well as you do, they won't be as nice and they might get rotten and I won't be able to leave her money or come visit anymore.

Do you think you can do that for me?

Thank you again for all your lovely white teeth Oliver. 
It makes being a tooth fairy a LOT more fun when I get to see such beautiful white teeth like yours.

Take care of them now that you are a big boy!

I love you and all your teeth!

Your Tooth Fairy

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